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The image is of Cyclone Phailin over Bay of Bengal on 11 October 2013. At the time the image was taken, Phailin was a violent Category 4 equivalent tropical cyclone with 1-min winds peaking at 250 km/h (155 mph) and a central pressure of 940 millibars. Image source: Nasa Worldview.

I was in Vizag when Cyclone 05B created its havoc in 1999 causing a loss of over 10,000 lives in all affected regions. Cyclone Phailin was also a category 5 cyclone, but the lessons learnt by Odisha govt in past and by NDRF from Uttarakhand were indeed taken seriously. Probably the news of deaths in temple stampede overshadowed how efforts from state govt and agencies helped in mitigating the possible lives that would have been lost to this deadly cyclone.

Its sad to see the same media which goes on harping about shoddy preparedness at the end of any tragedy (which yes they are completely entitled to) forgets when things actually gets done right. What is more sad is some of these media outlets actually suffer from an attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, although on a better note readers are not stupid, one need not go any further than reading comments on this article.

I wish to congratulate Sri. Naveen Patnaik, Honble Chief Minister of Odisha, for showing such determined efforts of a true leader. He did not claim any personal victory and has shown his focus on next task at hand- ‘rehabilitation’, leaving the opposition only to cry about that he failed to provide cooked food ‘as promised’ to those affected. Indian Meteorological Departments also deserves its own share of applaud.

In a country with a pervasive mindset of having a low value of others life, this success might just go unnoticed. Yes, ofcourse there are again lessens to be learnt, probably mostly good ones.

I will be using a short URL service from now on for my personal purposes like for sharing links and bookmarking. This isn’t really that short like others but I believe would serve my purpose.

Go Daddy and Colombian government have been aggressive campaigning recently to push .co as global TLD. .CO logo
I had a long time due plan of getting a domain name and this one I got at a reasonable price (when the dot com for the same has an entry bidding price of $5000, never knew my name would be in so much demand!). dotCO has infact gained quite popularity especially when companies like Twitter (, Google ( are using it for URL shortening in social media, other popular examples can be seen on their facebook page.

An example is which links to this blog, although thats not the purpose and it would be generating hashed shortlinks for lengthy URLs for me like news to share and even for links to my blog posts, and yes its better than tumblr’s short URL like for this post.

This service is powered by Google Short Links a service available for Google Apps. Any query regarding how to set up your own personal service can be mailed to contact[at]ankush[dot]co.

So go out there and create your opportunity!